3 Things To Focus On If You Have Hashimoto’s

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the three main things you need to focus on if you have Hashimoto’s. Why three? Okay because there’s like 40 triggers, and we have these triggers in some of our presentations.
But sometimes people will just say, “Hey, listen, I can’t do this. I can’t do the whole thing that you’re trying to tell me to do so what would you tell me if it could only be two or three things that I needed to do?”
So if I had to go with two or three things, I would say, gluten is it. It’s number one. And some of you’re thinking, “Well, I got off of gluten and it didn’t do anything.” Well that’s because you got too many other things wrong that you’re not able to really sense what’s going on.
But trust me, gluten has molecular mimicry with your thyroid, which means it’s not about being an allergy. It’s not about being a sensitivity. You can do all the tests. That’s fine. But once you know you have Hashimoto’s, you also have a sensitivity to gluten because gluten in a chemical process called molecular mimicry, which is one of the three different ways that autoimmunity spreads, gluten has metabolites on it that look exactly, exactly like metabolites on your thyroid and other tissues, too. But we’re just talking about thyroid right now.
So gluten is out and I mean, it’s out. Doesn’t mean it’s out six days a week and I can eat it on Saturday night. It doesn’t mean I can eat it when I want to every now and then because it can contaminate you and cause thyroid enzymes to flare up for three days, three weeks or three months, literally. And it just depends on which category you’re in, but that’s number one.
Number two would probably be the triggers, okay, but there’s 40 triggers. But in the end, the triggers translate into… it’s about… for all you inflammation guys out there, it’s all about inflammation. Okay?
My massage therapist when I go in once a month and get a nice massage from this lady who is super [inaudible 00:02:26]. She’s an ayurvedic practitioner. She says, “It’s all inflammation. It’s all inflammation.” So she’s all about loading people up with turmeric and veritrol and CBD oils, which is fine, but it’s kind of like a bandaid as opposed to going after the triggers.
And that’s kind of number two. Number two is definitely like inflammation. And there is now that we know of 42 triggers for autoimmune thyroid disease. It can be blood sugar going up and down. It can be small intestinal bacteria overgrowth. It can be food sensitivities. It can be plastics and on and on and on.
And we have these in our presentations. I have one presentation on, I think it’s the 38 triggers because at that time there was only 38 triggers. And all of those cause inflammation.
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