Are Hashimoto’s and IBS Related?
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Are IBS and Hashimoto’s related? The answer is yes. Irritable bowel syndrome, that is when you have intermittent constipation and diarrhea. You can have where it is more IBS-C, which is IBS, more leaning towards constipation, or IBS-D, which is meaning it’s more leaning towards diarrhea, but usually some combination of both. Look, and the way that happens is, it will seem obvious when I say this, but the way that happens is, is your gut breaks down. And what that means is, is that, somewhere along the line, you start losing your ability to digest your food properly. And then, that creates a bad scenario in your small intestines, because you’re not digesting your proteins, or you’re not digesting your fats, or you’re not digesting your starches. So, you start getting all this undigested food in your intestines, which isn’t real happy about that.
And then, just a bunch of things can start happening. The food can sit there. It can ferment. If you don’t have enough hydrochloric acid in your stomach, because you’re not digesting your proteins, so you can’t have enough hydrochloric acid, you’re not sterilizing your food properly. So, you may be getting H. pylori, or you may be getting infections in there, and so on and so forth.
What does it have to do a Hashimoto’s? And that mechanism is much more even complex and involved in that, but that’s the basic start of how you end up getting irritable bowel syndrome. The number one cause of that is chronic stress. And the reason that chronic stress causes that it’s because… This goes back to survival mode and this goes back to fight flight responses. When you go into full bore fight flight, somebody’s just about to come after you and is getting ready to do a number on you, and you have to decide whether you’re going to fight or you’re going to flee, your brain literally shuts down your intestines and your urinary bladder. Because, you don’t need to be peeing or pooping while you’re, or eating, while you’re trying to get away from the bear, okay?
All your resources need to be going elsewhere. They need to be going to your muscles. They need to be going your brain. You need to think better. You need to be stronger. You need to be quicker. You need to have more oxygen going to your lungs. And all of that happens while your gut’s being shut down.
On a lower level than that, if you are just stressed, it doesn’t shut down your gut, but it semi-paralyzes it. It slows down the ability of it to move through. It causes your stomach to not make that hydrochloric acid that you need to sterilize your food, to digest your proteins. It’s slows your gallbladder down. Number one cause for gallbladder’s coming out, stress. Pancreas will slow down, which can screw up your blood sugar. And all these things from stress and more. Most of you are probably aware of how devastating stress is.

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