COVID-19 and Autoimmunity: A Trigger We Can’t Ignore
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The connections between COVID-19 and autoimmunity are becoming increasingly evident. Dr. Rutherford’s observations align with emerging literature and research on the subject.

It is vital for healthcare professionals to consider the potential impact of COVID-19 as an autoimmune trigger and adapt treatment approaches accordingly.

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Okay, so COVID and autoimmunity. So here 
we go. So literally 90% of my practice   Are patients who have autoimmunity, who have been 
confirmed with having autoimmunity. They either   Come with lupus or they come with Sjogren's. Most 
of them come with Hashimoto's or a suspicion of   Hashimoto's, on and on. I occasionally 
treat MS patients. This is my practice.   So early on in the COVID pandemic, I 
started getting phone calls. So I'm going   To share with you my experience. 
So I started getting phone calls   That were typical of phone calls that I would 
get, and they would say, "Doc, I had a trigger,   Or I got sick, and then my gut started feeling 
bad. Then I got pain in my joints, then I got   Brain fog, then my hair started falling out, then 
I got pain." Just classic, "All of a sudden I   Can't eat any food," classic autoimmune symptoms.
And there was a lot more than that, and there was   Probably another 200 symptoms I could go over. So 
then I would get to the end of the consultation,   Which I would do to see if that person was a good 
candidate for what we do. And then they would say,   "I have one more question. Do you mind?" I'm like, 
"no." And they'd say, "I got COVID. I was fine   And all of this happened." Or, "I got COVID and I 
had rheumatoid arthritis, but it was in remission   And now I have it back again." And invariably, 
it was within 24 hours that this would happen.   By about the sixth or seventh or eighth or ninth 
phone call I had, or zoom video, whichever it was,   When they would say, "Oh, I 
have one more question for you."  Then I knew what that question was going 
to be. And I'm like, okay, okay, well,   Okay, this makes sense because some of the 
original triggers for autoimmune disease were   Epstein-Barr virus, cytomegalovirus, HHV-6 virus, 
parvovirus. So viruses. Several viruses that   Have been proven to trigger autoimmune problems. 
I thought, okay, this is going to be number six   Or seven or whatever it's going to be. And then as 
time went on, I started to read as I have an app   That I can look at the healthcare websites 
of all the major newspapers. Left, right,   Middle, scientific, unscientific, whatever. 
And they started talking about long COVID.   And I started looking at those histories, usually 
each one of these stories would have two or three   Histories in there. "I got COVID, and then 
this happened, and I went to this doctor and   They couldn't tell me and I started getting 
this symptom and that symptom, and nobody   Knows what it is." And I thought, these people are 
getting autoimmune problems because I've already   Talked to a number of people at this point in 
time, and they have the exact same history.  "I was fine, I had this, I got the virus, now 
my life is falling apart. Now everything's   Getting worse. It's not getting any better. I'm 
going to the doctor's. Nobody knows what it is.   I've been to six doctors, one for my head, 
one for my gut, one for my immune system,   One for my endocrine system." I thought, this 
is my patients. So it wasn't that long into   The pandemic that it started to strike me that 
COVID was a trigger for autoimmunity. And indeed,  

We're starting to see it come out. If you 
read many of the articles about COVID and   Autoimmunity now, what you're going to find 
is that it's the medical field, so the medical   Field is looking for some sort of a pathogen, 
or they're looking because you may be, as a   COVID patient who got autoimmunity who's asking 
this question and many of you who may be watching,   They're looking for a pathogen for each 
area of the physiology that gets bad.  So the gut people are looking for one thing, and 
the brains people are looking for another thing,   And the immune people are looking for 
another thing. But in article, after article,   After article, you are going to start to see 
them alluding to, oh, they think it may be an   Autoimmune problem. I think that may, in the end, 
be the overriding thing that we see. Now, again,   Don't start shooting arrows at me over 
there, those people who maybe disagree   With it. I'm telling you what I see, and I've 
been seeing this stuff for three years. So I   Feel pretty confident at this point in time in 
sharing that with the person who answered this   Question. So if the question is, can COVID 
trigger autoimmunity? The answer in my world   Is probably yes until they prove otherwise 
because now I've seen 50 or 60 patients who   Have had COVID gone into autoimmunity, and we 
treated them as we treated my other patients,   Which is as an autoimmune case. Which 
means yes, there's a viral trigger.  And by the way, I've started reading, 
I've started seeing articles that are   Saying that the COVID is like Lyme or Epstein-Barr 
virus, where the virus goes in and particles still   Remain. Ooh, now we're going to kill all the 
particles. No, because basically what happens is   Those particles remain, they trigger autoimmunity 
if they're like Lyme, which is a bacteria,   If they're like virus and stuff. And then those 
viruses linger. Think shingles. If you know people   Who have the autoimmune problem with shingles, 
they have a virus that's lurking all the time,   It goes into a dormancy. But then that person 
becomes compromised, either they get sick or they   Get under a lot of stress, the immune system's 
really busy trying to take care of that. Thus, now   The herpes virus, can express itself and boom, the 
next thing you know… I'm sorry, I said herpes.  The shingles virus can express itself, and 
the next thing you know, boom. And the same   Thing with herpes, frankly. But that's how 
it works. So it's beginning to look to me   And truly, those of us who are in clinical 
practice, frequently see these things before the   Research will verify because proper research can 
take years. It really should take years, because   It's not easy to do research on anything on a 
human being because there's so many mitigating   Factors that just can't be controlled for in the 
human race. So basically you'll see it in practice   Before they'll see it. So what I'm doing is I'm 
just sharing with you what I see, how I go about   It. We have treated these folks. The vast majority 
of them have done well in treating them from the   Perspective of them being an autoimmune condition. 
It would be interesting to see what would happen,  

Any of you guys out there who are medical doctors, 
if we started giving steroids to these people.  Now, don't throw things at the screen there. I'm 
just saying that if it is autoimmune and they took   Steroids, people would probably feel better. I'm 
not saying that it's a good solution for the next   25 years of your life, I'm just saying that if 
it is an autoimmune problem and you gave people   Steroids that would dampen the inflammation 
that's being caused by this spiral trigger,   That that person should feel better, that 
should be a pretty simple thing to research,   Researchers. So that's my understanding, or it's 
my observation, that's how I go about it in my   Practice, and that seems to be the direction 
that the literature is going, that seems to   Be the direction that the research is going. 
So I'm pretty sure it's going to be listed   Probably not in the too distant future as an 
additional trigger for autoimmune disease.