Fibromyalgia and CBD Oil
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CBD oil has emerged as the top-rated natural anti-inflammatory agent, according to a meta-analysis conducted by a renowned Harvard researcher. Its effectiveness against general bodily inflammation positions it as a potential tool for helping autoimmune thyroid diseases and fibromyalgia, offering an alternative to traditional medical treatments.

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So the question is fibromyalgia and CBD oil, how 
do those sync? Again, I just had this conversation   With a patient not long ago, like today. And so 
I've spent a lot of time over the years going   To different seminars. One of the seminars 
that I attend probably every couple years   Is a seminar in which inflammation is the topic. 
And in that seminar, this particular presenter   Has a section where, it's a he, where 
he does meta-analysis. In other words,   He studies everything that is written, every 
research paper that there is on natural   Anti-inflammatories, because I go to seminars 
where the primary mode of treatment is nonmedical.   And he is very well regarded researcher. He's at 
Harvard, he's in their department on autoimmunity   And Hashimoto's. And so his work is very credible.
So part of dampening autoimmune thyroid disease is   Handling one of about four pathways and one of 
the major pathways is the inflammatory pathway.   And so he does a section on that 
that includes which are the best   Natural approaches to dampen inflammatory 
processes in the body. So it used to be,   Turmeric was number one, 
resveratrol was number two,   Omegas, omega fish oils were number three. And 
there's a lot more, but it kind of dropped way off   After that as far as their effectiveness relative 
to calming down general immune inflammation.  And then CBD oil kind of showed up on 
the list about four or five years ago   As number four. And now the last time I went 
that it… And this is according to, again,   According to the ongoing evaluation of all 
of the data that's coming out on CBD oil,   Literally from all of the journals all over the 
world. And CBD oil is now on top. It's now on   Top as far as being the best anti-inflammatory for 
general bodily inflammation. It's certainly… And   This is why it can help with anxiety. This is 
why it can help with post-concussion syndrome.   This is why it can help with autoimmunity because 
it can generally dampen inflammatory responses   Without you having the side effects 
of a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory.  So it's something I've come to use. I do not… 
I'm not into having a little bit of THC in there,   That's a whole nother animal for another 
time. But I found it to be effective.   And really there's not a whole lot more to say 
about it. It is a really, really top-rated,   The top-rated anti-inflammatory for the 
use in general inflammatory processes and   Inflammatory processes relative to Hashimoto's, 
relative to any autoimmune problem. I mean,   What do you do other than Hashimoto's when you 
go to a medical doctor, what do they do? Sorry,   Medical doctors. What do they do? They give you a 
steroid because that's what the medical model is.   What does a steroid do? It brings down 
inflammation like crazy. And so to a degree,   Maybe not to that degree, but to a degree, 
the CBD oils do the same thing. And they do,   Do that. So just to answer that question, it has 
a place in treating autoimmune thyroid disease.