Hashimoto’s and COVID

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Hashimoto’s and COVID. So, we’re going to take this from the perspective of what I’m observing, not from “I’m the expert of the universe”, or I don’t have any axes to grind here, so we’re not going to get into anything that I think is going to get me kicked off of the air or whatever it is that we’re on here.
So, COVID, so a lot of people are asking me, okay, a lot of people I call and they call me and they say, “Doc, so I have this and I have an irritable bowel syndrome. I’m getting chronic pain, I’m getting joint pain.” All the things that I treat, “all the things I got them. I’m seem like I have this or that, migraine headaches and my lungs are a problem.” And then, I’ll go through my normal consultation. And what I started to have happen, not that… Two years ago, “Oh, and before we’re done, I have one more, I just have one more question. I just got COVID, could that have anything to do with it?” So, I think the answer is yes. I don’t think that’s controversial at this time. I’m reading about long COVID all over the place. And so, I think that my perspective is going to be more of maybe a forecast of what I think you’re going to hear.
So, what I’m seeing is this. I’m seeing… I’ve seen tons of people who got COVID and have developed chronic pain, chronic fatigue, chronic gut problems, chronic anxiety. And in the beginning, the thought process that I was going through was, “Wow, these people sound just like my regular patients who come in with autoimmune problems and chronic anxiety and depression and chronic gut problems and irritable bowel syndrome.”
And I thought it’s kind of interesting. And then, I started seeing the articles on the health sites, and I have an app where I can access a bunch of health sites that I can go through every day from different newspapers and different journals, and I do so. And I started this look at the histories and they’re going, “Oh my God, this long COVID, it’s going to be… Or is there such a thing.” And that whole thing, that was a couple years ago. Again, I thought, “Man, that looks just like my patients. This sounds like just like my patients.” Well, a couple years later now, people are actually saying this long COVID is here. It is long COVID, it’s real, it’s here to stay. And they’re… it’s interesting, typical of the medical industry or the medical research industry, they’re taking every single symptom and they’re trying to find one thing that is causing that symptom.
But here’s what I think is going on, based on what I’m seeing. What I’ve seen, this is after bringing in patients, evaluating them, testing them, and then treating them. Okay? And I’ve had enough time to do maybe 50 patients, which is a lot in my practice as a percentage of people who came in with, “well, had this happen, this happened, this happened, and it happened right after I got COVID.” So, here’s what I’ve seen. I think what we’re going to see is the vast majority of these folks have developed autoimmune problems. And that may sound to you like it sounded to me when my mentors said, when we were evaluating chronic fatigue immunodeficiency disease patients years ago, it sounded to me like a very strange thing when they told me that all these people were going to have Hashimoto’s, autoimmune diseases, all that type of stuff. And I thought “Autoimmunity? Nobody gets autoimmune, nobody gets Hashimoto’s.”

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