Is Fibromyalgia a Real Diagnosis?
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Fibromyalgia, often deemed a ‘diagnosis of default’, is a complex, multi-symptomatic condition, more than mere muscle pain. It’s a unique constellation of various dysfunctional systems in each patient, not a definitive diagnosis. The term, however, provides a shared language for sufferers, legitimizing their experiences.

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Is fibromyalgia a real diagnosis? Yeah, that's 
a tricky one. I mention, when I'm talking about   What I do, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, 
but that's because fibromyalgia communicates.   Because the term's been around since the '90s, 
people are diagnosed with it all the time. I   Have people come in here, clearly, everybody 
who's been diagnosed with fibromyalgia knows   What I'm about to say is true. It's a diagnosis of 
default. They have no idea what's wrong with you.  There was this dumb, sorry, diagnostic tool 
of press on all these 18 points, and if 16   Of those 18 points are hurting. For those of you 
who have or have had fibromyalgia, you know they   Could probably press on 118 points and you would 
be tender. Fibromyalgia means pain in the muscle   Fibers, so there's some of that involved. And 
then, we went into lurking around saying, "Well,   It's all about actually neurological fibers," 
which is also a component, but fibromyalgia is,   It's just a constellation of a variety of 
different systems that are not functioning   Right. And each individual system that's not 
functioning right is a contributing component   To this mysterious, multi-symptomatic condition.
So from the garbage pan type of diagnosis of   Fibromyalgia, when a person comes into me, 
it means, "Okay, they have pain everywhere.   It's probably coming and going. It's 
probably moving around. They probably   Have stress. They probably have gut problems. 
They probably have autoimmunity," because that's   The person who has fibromyalgia. Stress hormones 
will cause one set of the pain. Having a digestive   Breakdown and having proteins that shouldn't 
be in your bloodstream go out, having bacteria   That shouldn't be going in your bloodstream go 
out, that can cause inflammatory problems. That   Can cause joint problems. That can cause muscular 
fibromyalgia. That can cause muscular pain. Blood   Sugar going up and down can cause muscular pain.
And this is a fibromyalgia patient. They have   Stress responses, they have autoimmunity. 
Not all of them have the same thing. Not   All fibromyalgia patients have the same 
picture. I did a fibromyalgia, oh my God,   I did a fibromyalgia video, it's probably online, 
of me standing in the front of my office talking   To people with the camera way in the back and me 
over here. And even as far back as then, I said,   "I can get 100 fibromyalgia patients 
in here, and no two of them are alike.   No two of them are exactly the same."
So it's a non-diagnosis.   The true diagnosis is, "Okay, you have this pain 
all over the place and you have autoimmunity,   You don't have autoimmunity. You have leaky 
gut, you don't have leaky gut. You have small   Intestinal bacteria overgrowth, you have H. 
pylori. You have viral infections. You don't   Have it. You do have it." You have to figure out 
which of the 42 different things or more that can   Trigger inflammatory responses, immune responses, 
neurological responses, screw up your blood sugar,   Are there in that patient. It's a multi-system 
disease condition, and you have to find out which   Systems are involved in that person. And then, 
you have to attack it from that perspective. 

There's even an order in the way that you 
attack these things, once you're able to   Figure out which are the areas of involvement 
for that particular patient. So I don't know.   The answer to that is probably, "No, it's not 
a real diagnosis," but it's like anything else.   Once it gets into lexicon, it becomes a way to 
communicate with the patient. It becomes a way   To acknowledge them. When they come in and they 
say, "I've got fibromyalgia" and they're owning   This thing, and the last thing I'm going to do 
is say, "No, you don't have fibromyalgia. It's   A stupid diagnosis. We're going to talk about the 
things that we talk about." So it really is just   A term that relates to the mystery disease 
patient that's been to 26 different doctors   And nobody's been able to figure out what's wrong 
with them. But it truly is a non-diagnostic term.