Merry Christmas and 2023 Plans (need your input)
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e hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season and are getting prepared for a fabulous 2023.

Over the past couple of years we have focused on Hashimoto’s as it is such a wide topic that seems to be a factor with many of the patients we see here in the office.

Today we are asking what content would you like to see more of? Please let us know in the comments or e-mail us at

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Hey, how you doing? I hope you had a good Christmas. I hope you had a Merry Christmas and the New
Year's is coming up here. And so we thought today what we would talk
a little bit about is some of what our plans Are for the next year, or maybe get a little
help from you on what our plans would be like For the next year. I mean, I've been discussing this with my
producer, Kevin here, and we've been beating This Hashimoto's up now for about two and
a half years. And there's a reason that we've been discussing
it for two and a half years because it's really Amazing at how prevalent it's becoming in
society. It's crazy how many things it actually affects. If I have someone who comes in here with chronic
fatigue, there's about an 80% chance they Have Hashimoto's, maybe 70%. If they come in here with chronic pain, there's
about a 70% chance that they have Hashimoto's. If they come in here with post-concussion
syndrome or dizziness or vertigo or balance, Or if they come in here with fertility problems
or if they come in here with irritable bowel Syndrome, or if they come in here with any
of these things, there's like a 70% chance That they have. And so Hashimoto's, I think is the new stealth
condition. It hasn't been completely worked up yet by
the medical profession, and I think I'm being Kind there, but in their defense, it's just
not their model right at this point in time. So anyway, so we've been talking about it
for a long time because it just delves into So many areas of physiology. It was probably one of the big a-ha's in,
oh, this is what the chronic fatigue, chronic Pain is for these people who've been told
there's nothing wrong with them, and they Have every symptom known to man, and they
just keep getting drugs and supplements thrown At them and stuff like that. So it is big, and I'm certainly planning on
continuing to discuss it. We get so many kind words on, thank you so
much. Some of them say, "At this time I really can't
contact you or do your program or something. You've helped me so much." And that makes me feel good. I really like that. I mean, it's the main reason we're putting
this stuff out, frankly.

But it'd be kind of fun to do some other things
if you're interested, if you're interested And we're talking about what are the general
areas that people might be interested in, And we thought, well, maybe we should ask
you, maybe we should ask for if you have a Specific interest, then maybe you could let
us know. Now, there's not a whole lot we don't do because
we work with diet and lifestyle and nutritional Supplements, and for some of you, we work
with brain rehabilitation exercises and things Of that nature. But yet when I sit down and I discuss these
things with my colleagues, we all look at Each other and go like, "Who couldn't really
benefit from what we're doing based on what's Going on with them?" Because most people who have chronic conditions
have underlying bad physiology, and it's starting To come out now relative to who really passed
away from COVID and people who passed away From COVID were not healthy to begin with
for the most part. And that goes for pretty much most of the
conditions that are out there. Some of the conditions that I thought we might
play with a little bit would be a generalized Chronic pain. I'm in chronic pain, so I treat a lot of fibromyalgia
patients. That's more or less how this whole thing started. I don't have as many fibromyalgia patients
as I used to, but they come in with Hashimoto's And we figure out that they probably would've
been diagnosed with fibromyalgia had they Gone somewhere else. But chronic pain is kind of interesting because
it's really not as exotic as a lot of people Make it to be. I am interested in post concussion syndrome
and things like… Mainly because I've had a lot of concussions
myself. It's one of the few things I really have to
deal with on a daily basis myself to keep It in line so that I can do this type of work. But chronic pain's kind of interesting. You'd be shocked at some of the things that
cause chronic pain that you might even know That you're experiencing, but aren't connecting
it to your chronic pain situation. Chronic fatigue is huge. Clearly, Hashimoto's is a part of chronic
fatigue. Hashimoto's, for those of you who've listened
to all these, you probably know it's part Of chronic pain because especially if you
got bad gut, you get leaky gut, a lot of toxins

Get out of your gut. They start flying around your system in your
blood where they don't belong. That can be a contributor to chronic pain. It's like one of the 16 things that we know
of that cause chronic pain. So maybe there's the things, maybe the 16
things that cause chronic pain, chronic fatigue Is not dissimilar, and certainly hypothyroid,
which I'm not even sure exists, hypothyroid Is part of chronic fatigue. Another spoiler alert, autoimmunity is part
of chronic fatigue, but there's about 14 different Other things. Blood sugar, blood sugar fluctuations. How many hard times have I heard this? A thousand. Oh, but my blood sugar tests are normal, so
I don't have blood sugar problems. Then I got to argue with them. I go like, well, you got 16 out of 16 symptoms
of blood sugar problems, and it takes seven To 10 years for them to show up on a lab. I think you got a blood sugar problem. This is my life. Because now I got to convince that person
that they got a blood sugar problem. They got to change their diet, [inaudible
00:05:55] blood sugar, and then they think It's a miracle that they've started sleeping
and their fatigue comes up. Blood sugar's huge, but nobody looks at blood
sugar until it's like diabetes type three And a half. So there's so many of these things that we
can go over if that's something that you'd Like us to do. If we don't get any feedback, we'll continue
to go on with what we're doing because it Does seem to be getting accepted pretty well
as far as us going over the Hashimoto's and It does delve into all those different areas. But I would just like people to know that
functional medicine, if practiced properly, Especially if combined with functional neurology
where you're treating the chronic stress responses Along with the other physiology and dampening
immune responses, it pretty much reaches into Almost every nook and cranny of physiology. Some things respond better than others. I was just saying to Kevin here, who's behind
a camera here, I was just saying like peripheral

Neuropathies, I'm not so sure about that,
because there's so many different types of Peripheral neuropathies and some of them respond
so easily to what we do and others aren't Going to respond at all. So I'm not sure about how far into that I
want to get. A lot of people come here with peripheral
neuropathies because a lot of them are caused By autoimmunity. A lot of them are caused by Hashimoto's, some
of them are caused by blood sugar problems. And so when we treat those, it goes away. So I like that. I like patients who come in and get better,
but there's other ones that are just not going. I think there's more that don't respond to
the types of things we do than there are that Do respond. And so that's kind of hard to put out there
as I can maybe do a couple of presentations On it and delineate for you, which one's which
something like that. But I'm just looking for feedback from you. I want to make sure I'm putting time in and
putting things out for things that people Want to hear. Because I like it when I hear from people
who go, "Listen, I'm not in a position where I can do your program at this point in time,
but I watched this and this video and I did This, this, and this, and you know what? I do feel better. And so thank you so much, and if there's a
time when I can do your program, then I'm Going to call you and do your program." And so on and so forth. So I like that, I like that. I like the fact that we're putting this in
and that people are doing well from it. So the New Year's coming up, we have our ideas,
we're going to plan with our ideas of what We're going to do. We're talking about maybe putting a couple
of classes together or something along those Nature. But before we put all that effort and we thought
maybe we would try to get some feedback, we Got quite a few people listening now or watching,
and quite a few people communicating with Us. So after this New Year, when you have a little
bit of time to think, after your gluten free

New year… That's a joke for all the patients that are
in my office, after that New Year, then give Us some thought and we will take these into
consideration and see if we maybe not completely Change, but kind of keep fine tuning the Hashimoto's,
but intersperse that with other topics that I am seeing explode all over the country. You want to talk about anxiety? Oh my God. It's like, who is not suffering from anxiety
today? And so we treat anxiety every day. That could be an interesting topic that we
could hone down on for probably quite a few Presentations. So anyway, so that's what I wanted to say. Again, hope you had a great holiday, great
Christmas, great merry Christmas. I hope you had a great Hanukkah before that,
and so on and so forth. Hope you have a great New Year, and hopefully
you can maybe take a few minutes and just Give me your thoughts on that. Hey, no, I like what you're doing. Just keep doing it. Or here, here's some topics that you guys
can consider. All right, so see you next year.

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