Plans for May with Dr. Rutherford

In the name of “Plans for May with Dr. Rutherford,” Martin Rutherford will review the previous month’s Hashimoto’s videos and discuss the plans for the upcoming month. If you find this information beneficial, please like and share with others who may benefit as well. Dr. Rutherford and his team value your feedback and appreciate your support. However, it’s important to note that the content in this video should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with qualified health providers for any medical concerns. With the overwhelming response and some viewers expressing their preference not to hear from Dr. Rutherford every day, the team has decided to adjust the frequency of videos. Moving forward, new videos will be released only three times a week, allowing for a balance that doesn’t overwhelm or fatigue the viewers. Furthermore, they will continue focusing on the topic of Hashimoto’s, as there is still an explosion of questions and a lot of valuable information to cover. Stay tuned for updates and valuable insights on Hashimoto’s and its related concerns.

Plans for May with Dr. Rutherford


In this video, Dr. Rutherford reviews the month of Hashimoto’s videos and discusses the plans for May. He acknowledges the feedback received from viewers and makes decisions based on that feedback.

Review of Hashimoto’s videos

Dr. Rutherford recognizes the overwhelming response from viewers regarding the daily videos on Hashimoto’s. He acknowledges that not everyone wants to hear from him every single day, and he understands the challenges in producing daily videos.

Analysis of viewer feedback

Based on feedback from about one hundred and eighty viewers, Dr. Rutherford realizes that it is not ideal to produce videos every day. He considers the opinions of his followers and takes their preferences into account.

Decision to change video schedule

After careful consideration, Dr. Rutherford makes the decision to change the video schedule for Hashimoto’s. He acknowledges that filming and editing videos every day is a lot of work and wants to find a balance that works for both him and his viewers.

Hashimoto’s Triggers

Dr. Rutherford reminds us that understanding Hashimoto’s is crucial to effectively manage the condition. By addressing the triggers that can set off the autoimmune response, individuals can make changes to their lifestyle to support their thyroid health.

Plans for May with Dr. Rutherford

Too Many Videos

Realization that daily videos were overwhelming for viewers

Upon reviewing viewer feedback, it became evident that the daily videos were overwhelming for some viewers. Dr. Rutherford understands this sentiment and acknowledges the importance of finding a balance that suits everyone.

Acknowledgment of the challenges in producing daily videos

Dr. Rutherford understands the challenges involved in producing daily videos. He recognizes that it is not just the time and effort on his part, but also the strain it puts on the editing team.

Commitment to continue making videos despite reducing frequency

Despite reducing the frequency of the videos, Dr. Rutherford assures viewers that he will continue to produce informative and valuable content on Hashimoto’s. He appreciates the support and feedback received from the audience and wants to provide them with the information they need.

Continuing with Hashimoto’s

Recognition of the importance of addressing Hashimoto’s

Dr. Rutherford emphasizes the significance of addressing Hashimoto’s, given its prevalence and complexity. He understands that there is a lack of information available on the subject and aims to fill that gap.

Explanation of the prevalence and complexity of Hashimoto’s

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis has been steadily increasing over the past forty years, but the complexity of the condition makes it challenging for individuals to find answers. Dr. Rutherford has been working with Hashimoto’s patients for a long time and wants to share his knowledge and expertise with a wider audience.

Excitement about upcoming content on Hashimoto’s

Dr. Rutherford expresses his excitement about the upcoming content on Hashimoto’s. He believes that addressing the questions and concerns of the audience will provide valuable information and support to those struggling with the condition.

Plans for May with Dr. Rutherford

Video Schedule Update

Decision to produce videos three days a week

Dr. Rutherford announces that the videos will now be produced three days a week. This decision is based on the feedback received from viewers and aims to strike a balance between providing valuable content and not overwhelming the audience.

Explanation of new video schedule on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Starting from the upcoming month, Dr. Rutherford will release new videos on Hashimoto’s on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. This schedule will allow him to continue providing informative content while also managing his practice and personal commitments.

Reason for not filming on weekends

Dr. Rutherford explains that the absence of videos on weekends is due to the logistical challenges of filming and editing. It allows him and his team to take a break, ensuring that they can provide the best quality content during the weekdays.

Benefits of Answering Questions

Desire to address audience’s questions and concerns

Dr. Rutherford expresses his desire to address the questions and concerns of the audience. He understands that many people with Hashimoto’s struggle to find reliable information and wants to provide them with the support they need.

Recognition of the lack of information available on Hashimoto’s

Dr. Rutherford acknowledges the lack of information available on Hashimoto’s and highlights the importance of addressing this knowledge gap. By answering questions and sharing valuable insights, he aims to empower individuals with the information they need to effectively manage their condition.

Promise to provide valuable information and support

Dr. Rutherford assures the audience that he will continue to provide valuable information and support on Hashimoto’s. He values the positive feedback he has received and wants to ensure that his videos remain a helpful resource for those in need.

Plans for May with Dr. Rutherford

Upcoming Seminar

Announcement of a seminar on autoimmune thyroid Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

Dr. Rutherford announces an upcoming seminar on autoimmune thyroid disease, specifically focusing on Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. He promises advanced and up-to-date information, as the seminar allows him to learn from other leading experts in the field.

Promise of advanced and up-to-date information

Attending this seminar will provide Dr. Rutherford with the opportunity to gather the most recent research and advancements in the treatment of Hashimoto’s. By sharing this knowledge with his viewers, he hopes to provide them with the most accurate and up-to-date information available.

Anticipation of learning new information to share with viewers

Dr. Rutherford expresses his anticipation of attending the seminar and learning new information to share with his viewers. He sees it as an opportunity to expand his knowledge and continue to support and educate those seeking information about Hashimoto’s.

Commitment to Hashimoto’s

Pledge to continue focusing on Hashimoto’s until indicated otherwise

Dr. Rutherford reiterates his commitment to focusing on Hashimoto’s until there is no longer a need for it. He wants to support the Hashimoto’s community and provide them with relevant and valuable information.

Promise to provide fresh and valuable information

Dr. Rutherford promises to continuously provide fresh and valuable information on Hashimoto’s. He understands the importance of keeping up with the latest research and ensuring that his viewers have access to accurate information.

Gratitude for the positive feedback from viewers

Dr. Rutherford expresses his gratitude for the positive feedback received from viewers. He appreciates their support and encourages them to continue engaging with the content.


Summary of plans for May with Dr. Rutherford

In conclusion, Dr. Rutherford reviews the plans for May, which include a change in the video schedule and an ongoing commitment to produce valuable content on Hashimoto’s.

Reiteration of commitment to supporting Hashimoto’s community

Dr. Rutherford reiterates his commitment to supporting the Hashimoto’s community and providing them with the information and support they need.

Encouragement for viewers to stay tuned for upcoming videos

Dr. Rutherford encourages viewers to stay tuned for upcoming videos on Hashimoto’s. He promises to continue providing valuable content and looks forward to sharing new insights and information in the future.

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