Vitiligo and Hashimoto’s
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Vitiligo and Hashimoto’s. So, vitiligo’s a skin disease. It discolors. Those of you who are looking at this already know that, and there’s varying degrees of it. And I’m not sure if you’re aware that it’s pretty much accepted now. The studies are largely, largely, largely pointing to the fact that it’s an autoimmune problem, which we have supposed for quite some time because we treat autoimmune cases a lot. And although I haven’t traded anywhere near as much vitiligo as other things, I’ve treated enough of it. And the question is, is vitiligo related to Hashimoto’s? So, the answer is yes and no. And what that means is Hashimoto’s doesn’t cause for to say, vitiligo. You can have vitiligo and not have Hashimoto’s. But because of my practice being the way that it is, virtually every vitiligo patient that’s ever come in here has had Hashimoto’s and other autoimmune conditions.
This is probably a good moment to illuminate that very few people actually get one autoimmune problem. I know myself, I have three active autoimmune problems for sure, potentially four, and I have one antibody against my pancreas that I don’t think is a problem. And that may sound confusing to you, but there’s a test that you can do to find out if you are diagnosed with, say, lupus, or you’re diagnosed with vitiligo, you can do this test and see if you have antibodies to other tissues that if you keep triggering your vitiligo, you keep triggering your Hashimoto’s, eventually you’re going to express other autoimmune problems if you already have the antibodies. So, the one test I use is Cyrex 5, and it’s, and it’s Cyrex 5 C-Y-R-E-X 5, and they test all those antibodies.
What’s the value of that? The value is that, is to find out if you have those and you keep exacerbating your vitiligo, which we’ll get back to in a second. And then all of a sudden you start getting all the symptoms, all these are weird symptoms, and you know that you have antibodies against your thyroid, and you go, “Oh, my God, those are Hashimoto’s symptoms, and I got Hashimoto’s antibodies.” Now you know you’ve developed Hashimoto.
And here’s the other thing about Hashimoto’s. So, as long as I’ve done this, I’ve seen a growing number of autoimmune conditions that are related to autoimmune thyroid disease Hashimoto’s. So, I’ve seen a ton of people who have Hashimoto’s and rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s and pancreatitis, Hashimoto’s… I’m sorry, Hashimoto’s and diabetes type one, Hashimoto’s and celia, Hashimoto’s and Crohn’s disease Hashimoto’s and ulcerative colitis, Hashimoto’s and autoimmune gastritis. [inaudible 00:03:15] saying Hashimoto’s probably has something to do with polycystic ovarian syndrome, which isn’t even necessarily an autoimmune disease, but I mentioned that because of the mechanism.
And the mechanism is this, your thyroid has receptor sites in every single cell of your body. And so, I think Hashimoto’s has become so prevalent because the thyroid is so sensitive and it relates to everything else, and then it keeps getting beat up and beat up more than anything. You get stressed, beat up. Your blood sugar goes up, it gets beat up, your blood sugar goes down it gets beat up.

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Okay so Vitiligo and Hashimoto's so Vitiligo's a skin disease it does colors Those of you who are looking at this Already know that And there's varying degrees of it and uh And and I'm not sure if you're aware That it's pretty much accepted now the Studies are like largely largely largely Pointing to the fact that it's an Autoimmune problem which we have Supposed for quite some time because we Treat autoimmune cases a lot and Although I haven't traded anywhere near As much Vitiligo as other things Um I've treated enough of it and the the Question is is vitiligo related to Hashimoto's so the answer is yes and no And and and what that means is Um Hashimoto's doesn't cause per se Vitiligo you can you can have Vitiligo And not have Hashimoto's but because of My practice being the way that it is Virtually every Vitiligo patient that's Ever come in here has had Hashimoto's And other autoimmune conditions this is Probably a good moment to illuminate That Very few people actually get one Autoimmune problem I know myself I have three active Autoimmune problems for sure potentially Four and I have one Antibody

Against my pancreas that I don't think Is a problem and that may sound Confusing to you but there's a test That you can do to find out if you are Diagnosed with say lupus or you're Diagnosed with Vitiligo you can do this Test and see if you have antibodies to Other tissues that if you keep Triggering your Vitiligo you keep Triggering your Hashimoto's eventually You're going to express other autoimmune Problems if you already have the Antibodies so I the one test I use is Cyrex5 and it's and it's thyrex 5 cyr X5 And they test all those antibodies What's the value of that the value is That's to find out if you're if if you Have those and you keep exacerbating Your Vitiligo which we'll get back to in A second and then all sudden you start Getting all the symptoms all these other Weird symptoms and you know that you Have antibodies against your thyroid and You go oh my God those are I now those Are Hashimoto symptoms And I go Hashimoto's antibodies now you Know you've developed Hashimoto so Vitiligo and here's the other thing About Hashimoto's so I as long as I've Done this I I I've seen a growing number Of autoimmune conditions that are Related to Autoimmune thyroid disease Hashimoto's Um and and hush and so I've seen a ton

Of people who have Hashimoto's and Rheumatoid arthritis Hashimoto's and Pancreatitis Hashimoto's I'm sorry Hashimoto's and diabetes type one Hashimoto's and Celiac Hashimoto's and Crohn's disease Hashimoto's in irritable Are uh Ulcerative colitis Hashimoto's and Autoimmune gastritis Um even they're even saying Hashimoto's Probably has something to do with um Polycystic ovarian syndrome which isn't Even necessarily a uh Um an autoimmune disease but I mentioned That because of the mechanism the Mechanism is this your thyroid has Receptor sites in every single cell of Your body And um and and so I think because I Think Hashimoto's has become so Prevalent because The thyroid is so sensitive and it Relates to everything else and then if You and and it keeps getting beat up and Beat up more than anything you get Stressed beat up your blood sugar goes Up it gets beat up your blood sugar goes Down gets beat up you have a food Sensitivity gets beat up you have some Smoke I point outside because we had Smoke here for I'm in Reno we had smoke Here for only a week or two this year as Opposed to three months like last year And all of those toxins boom boom boom

And if you're and if your thyroid keeps Getting attacked and it's Uber super Sensitive more than anything else it's Going to raise your immune responses More and more and more and more and more And more and more then these other Things are going to because they're not As sensitive as your thyroid is other Things being like shograns or lupus or Vitiligo because they're not as Sensitive and then what happens is Eventually if you have other antibodies While you have Hashimoto's which it's Likely that you do okay then eventually You're going to keep hitting it it's Going to keep flaring up flaring up Flaring up eventually you're going to Start to express that Gene boom now you Have Vitiligo or now you have autoimmune Gastritis or now you have something like That and that's how I want to present it Because the vitiligos I've never had a Case of Bill like to go come in here For Vitiligo they've always come in here With rheumatoid arthritis and Vitiligo Hashimoto's and Vitiligo I have this in Vitiligo I have that in Vitiligo so so From that perspective They're connected In a sense that if you treated them if If I'm treating a case of vitiligo and Uh and and the person also has Hashimoto's there's A series of triggers that would be

Relevant to the Vitiligo and other Autoimmune conditions and then there Would be a series of triggers that are Very specific to autoimmune thyroid Disease I would treat them both Because if you're flaring up the Autoimmune thyroid disease you're Flaring up the vitiligo So that's the that's the most that's the Clinical way of looking at this and we Like these we like these answers of yeah It's it's yeah it's not like that this Is this is what the Genesis of I think Functional medicine was was to Understand all of the Vicious Cycles all The different organs how they play uh Organs all the different metabolic Systems Um and how they play together to create A vulnerable A vulnerable host if you will that could Then react To the stimuli in a negative way Express Poor Gene function and then the next Thing you know you have all these Symptoms you're going to Labs Everything's normal and and and and and And so it was put together to be able to Investigate those cases understand them And then and then be able to attack and For Vitiligo Vitiligo is kind of an Outlier in a sense that Um it's not when it comes in a lot but

It is autoimmune I have seen I and the Ones I've seen not all of them got Better but I have had cases that have uh Improved that have improved where the Where the skin Um melatonin Factor apparently improved and um and And and it would be because of what we Did to dampen the immune system in fact What's the treatment for it the Treatment for it is steroids so what you Would do is you would you would treat it As a as an immune response you would Become that person's steroid by walking It through a functional medicine Procedure and and then Um and then watch and see how it Responds

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