Why Does Hashimoto’s Cause Fatigue?

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Why Does Hashimoto’s Cause Fatigue?

This is a question we get quite often. Today Dr. Rutherford delves further into this topic.

“Why does Hashimoto’s cause fatigue?” Because, it’s your thyroid, that’s why. So, your thyroid is… It’s funny, I was involved with a group years ago that was in the early stages of trying to figure out fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. My mentor is… If you’ve watched many of my videos, is Dr. Datis Kharrazian. He’s the guy who figured out that most of these chronic fatigue patients probably had a thyroid problem, but he was the one who took it the extra some said. “I think it’s autoimmune thyroid disease.” He was met with much skepticism, and I was one of them. But in retrospect, it’s like, “Duh, it’s your thyroid. It controls your energy.” It’s like, “If your thyroid goes hypothyroid, and it’s not doing its job, you’re going to be fatigued.” And, it seems so obvious once the brain started to process that.
The basics of it is pretty simple. Your cells have these organs in them, little organelles inside of the cells, and they’re called mitochondria. I’m sure a lot of you have heard of them. Some of you have probably even take mitochondrial support and CoQ10 and all this type of stuff. But that’s where the energy is made, in those little energy factories in your cell. It’s pretty basic. They need proper oxygen. They need proper blood sugar. They need a lack of inflammation, a lack of oxidative stress. In other words, oxidative stress kind of grinds down your cells, and it kind of rusts them out. Inflammation disturbs all function in a cell. It needs all of those things.
And, it needs proper T3. T3 is the end product of the thyroid hormone factory in your thyroid which makes this thyroid hormone called T4. And then, that’s broken down into T3, and that’s the active form. And when that hooks in to that cell and then it goes in your cell and it gets into those little mitochondria, and this is where for those of you chemistry geeks, this is where the Krebs acid cycle, citric acid cycle is also part of this, where people are taking CoQ10 and all that other stuff. You’re going to get energy. You’re going to get energy. Hyperthyroid lifts all boats too much and hypothyroid depresses it.

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